Allos HR Application

HR innovation in its purest form

HR innovation in its purest form


Fast Training Enrollment

Overseeing certification and compulsory training is a key business process. Fast Training Enrolment is an HR application developed by Allos to allow employees using the Learning Management System to operate in circumstances that would previously have been impossible due to security and compliance issues.

FTE - Fast Training Enrollment

Instant benefits

Cut time by up to 70%!

*Reduce the amount of manual effort required by those needing to sign up, resulting in a significant impact in terms of direct costs
*Reduce risk of non-compliance
*Significantly improve alignment between training and business priorities


Training Resource Planner

Thanks to the Allos Training Resource Planner, you’ll be able to tackle the most complex issues relating to classroom-based training head on. Linking your requests for rooms, instructors and equipment and choosing the best way forward will no longer be the nightmare it once was. The Allos Training Resource Planner does it all automatically!

Instant benefits

Ensure you reach 90% attendance rates!

*Optimise attendance rates
*Optimise allocation of courses to trainers
*Reduce the manual effort involved in planning courses


Payroll Notification Engine

Looking for a simple, reliable solution to help you monitor communication between your core HR team and any third parties or payroll providers? The Payroll Notification Engine application allows you to save time and money that you would otherwise have had to invest to build a new interface!

Instant benefits

Cut costs by over 75%!

*Ensure proper visibility of most critical issues
*Manage notifications easily
*Monitor all KPIs from one dashboard