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  • Knowledge of the Cloud is taken as a given
  • HR digital transformation technology finally covers all processes
  • Functionalities are increasingly innovative
  • Implementation methodology and tools are consolidated and effective


  • Companies and people are not ready to grow at the same pace as the Cloud
  • Hitting all the various requirements is still an onerous task
  • Configuration often starts from zero and almost never achieves outstanding results
  • Integration and data remain a problem

Optimise your resources and protect your HR digital transformation project from these risks

Optimise your resources and protect your HR digital transformation project from these risks

Choose Talento.

Add value in HR.

Talento, an unprecedented Employee Experience.

Talento, an unprecedented Employee Experience.


reduced time and cost involved in your project

less work for IT and HR in implementation
less time for configuration, integration and data
less latency period for licensing


added value for the business and human resources

more time for IT and HR to manage change
more relevant services and functionalities for human resources
more quickly achieved milestones

With Talento, your HR digital transformation project will go live in the space of a few days, with significantly reduced costs and more valuable content for human resources.
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Talento is the perfect solution for your HR digital transformation project, because it combines best practices with the most reliable technology available on the market.

Reduce time and costs while accelerating business execution without overcomplications.

Choose a stream to start from


Questo è il momento di assumere le persone giuste con le qualità necessarie per guidare il tuo business. Attraverso il modulo Recruiting puoi gestisci la ricerca e l’acquisizione di candidati top più velocemente di quanto immagini. Il sistema ti permette inoltre l’integrazione completa della gestione dei talenti, collegando il tuo processo di selezione alla strategia globale.


Nowadays, the line between formal and informal training has ceased to exist. As well as ensuring – through training – that your company adheres with all relevant laws and regulations, the Learning stream also helps you to build up a picture of the company thanks to reports and analyses. It also works on mobile devices, ensuring that users can access training easily even when they’re on the move.

Performance & Goals

Feedback management is a vital way of maintaining synergy between individual and company objectives. It transforms the long, boring and complex process of performance appraisal into an efficient cycle that requires just a few clicks of your time. You’ll be able to monitor objectives more easily, stimulate individual productivity and encourage people to take accountability for their performance.

The creation of your incomparable Employee Experience starts here.

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